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In more tranquil times, before the Gilligan storm broke over his head, the BBC’s admirable and honourable director of news, Richard Sambrook, contributed a foreword to one of the corporation’s periodic attempts to remind its journalists of their responsibilities towards the English language. What is at issue here is not Sambrook’s unexceptionable sentiment, but his grammar. Richard, Richard, I can hear myself saying in the pedant’s weary tones for many years ago, when he was an eager and fresh-faced newsroom subeditor, I used to check his stories , plural subject requires plural verb. Periodically an old or hoary old question is raised. Is the standard of writing at the BBC declining or plummeting or plunging or even in free-fall? Or is it improving or soaring or rocketing? A couple of months ago an old friend and former colleague of mine was scratching his receding hairline as he pondered a familiar task for BBC subs: how to convey clearly and in an irreducible number of words a complex international situation. In Duncan’s case, he was required to inform the Radio Four audience that the American peace plan for the Middle East was in trouble because of suicide bombings. With one eye on the clock and one hand rummaging in the newsroom sack of serviceable phrases, he conjured the possibility of the road map being derailed before it had got off the ground. I felt for him.

How the ‘Roaring Twenties’ myth obscures the making of modern Britain

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Wordaholics: The Complete Series The Word-Obsessed BBC Comedy Panel Show (Audio guess the meanings of now-obsolete words, invent their own clichés and cockney rhyming slang, Release Date, 28 June

Just because you know what NACRO means, and the people who you have discussed a story with know what it means, it does not follow that the majority of your audience does. Assume nothing. There is no rule about attributing an assertion before you report it – but what would you choose to do? That’s the view of a Luxembourg-based bank which has carried out a review of economic trends in Europe.

This construction puts impact before information. The audience is in no position to make a judgment on the validity of the assertion until they know who is making it; or they will be so shocked by the assertion that they will not take in the attribution. That’s what my wife said last night. But do you want to sound weary and hackneyed? Every time you have a story about a child being left unattended you can reach for the phrase ‘home alone’. Every time two motorists exchange angry words it is obviously a case of ‘road rage’.

Escapes from prison are always ‘daring’ – and enquiries always ‘in-depth’. The regular use of these predictable words and phrases is numbing and if you choose to use them it indicates a lack of thought and effort. Up to a point. But if you find yourself including any of the following in your script or summary, take yourself to one side and ask yourself: ‘Is this really the best I can do?

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Studying at Cambridge. I have been working in advertising for about 5 years now, after travelling around South America and taking part in a marine conservation project immediately after graduating in I work in strategy for an international agency within the Omnicom network called AMV BBDO, which is a form of creative consultancy – I write the case for how communications could solve a client’s business problem.

BBC Radio 4 comedy sketch show written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor in 21 episodes that ran in under the title Cliche and then in & as Son Of Publication date: Topics: radio, comedy, sitcom.

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20 online dating cliches – and what they really mean

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The legendary mustachioed rocker, who is one half of the hit-making yacht rock duo Hall & Oates, opened up about his sexual past in a recent interview.

The psychological thriller series is based on the true story of the kidnapping of newborn baby Abbie Sundgren from a Nottingham hospital in If it feels a little familiar, that’s probably because it is: the series — which tells the story of two seemingly pregnant women who live in the same community in Sydney — is inspired by an improbably dramatic, real-life child kidnapping case that occurred in Britain in the s. Read on to find out more….

The series, which is based on Michael Robotham’s novel of the same name, is set in a wealthy suburb of Sydney, Australia and stars Downton Abbey alum Laura Carmichael as Agatha Fyfle, an outsider who becomes obsessed with influencer Meghan Jessica de Gouw and her seemingly perfect life. They’re both pregnant, or at least that’s how it’s presented at the beginning anyway. Early on, they have a chance encounter in the supermarket, which sets them on a bumpy course that will play out over six episodes, after Meghan’s baby goes missing from the hospital shortly after she has given birth.

It is, as you might expect, soapy stuff. But, hey, if a lost baby doesn’t get your heart racing then we don’t know what will. No, not exactly. But the book the series is based on was inspired by the kidnapping of newborn baby Abbie Sundgren in Nottingham in Just three hours after her birth, she was taken by a woman posing as a nurse claiming that Abbie needed a hearing test.

Crime author Robotham was a writer for the Mail On Sunday in the s, where he came across the story that would inform his biggest hit to date.

In need of a check-up: Doctor Foster’s descent into divorced, middle-aged cliche

So have others. The American relatives who arrived for the funeral of paterfamilias, Lance Byrne, were equally slow to take their leave. So many of the latter, in fact, that last week Alfie converted to Christianity, presumably for some respite from moving statues. Otherwise, you suspect that people may come here for the twisted family dynamics, worthy of a Greek drama festival, but stay for the wealth of outdoor social events. The only people to desert Redwater, it seems, are its viewers: ratings have plunged in Ireland and Britain.

He said: ‘Most of the clichés are quite funny and I sort of like them, but when there face of which no up-to-date assessment of the German–British relationship could 3 Cited in ‘Xenophobia Slur on History Lessons’, BBC News, 9 December.

Bodyguard, the edge-of-your-seat BBC drama that depicts the relationship between the Home Secretary and her protection officer, is in many ways brilliant. It accurately reflects the sense of chaos and panic that follows a terrorist attack. The sense of crisis behind the scenes combined with the need to show control in public. For example, one of the biggest changes in British counter-terrorism over recent years has been how closely the heads of MI5 and the police work together.

They have been forced to — and their leaders can be sensitive to suggestions that they might put organisational rivalry before public safety. Also, on screen the Home Secretary, the head of police counter-terrorism and the chief superintendent are all women. But this represents an imagined world rather than a real one. But more worrying was the decision to make the would-be suicide bomber a woman. A victim. The bodyguard assumes it, so the audience will too. The reasons behind what entices women towards this form of extremism tend to be far more complex than fear of an oppressive husband.

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By Jessica Rach For Mailonline. And while women frequently vent their frustration over misleading profile pictures, unwelcome attention and explicit messages from male admirers, it seems men have just as many gripes about female single’s online dating tactics. Profile pictures that feature Snapchat filters are listed among women’s least attractive traits, while other men cited evidence of pretentiousness and cliched bios as major bugbears.

The survey also suggests the old saying about never discussing religion or politics at the dinner table applies to dating apps too; as men said a women who had voted Leave or included any mention of Jesus in their profile would immediately see them swiping left. Men have cited the top reasons why men swipe left on women’s profiles, and some of the reasons may surprise you.

Don’t overlook local radio and TV, both BBC and independent. To write a news Head it ‘News release’ with the date, then the headline and the story. At the end It is a cliché to say that business has been transformed by the internet. Clichés.

Announcing the new season’s shows, the network’s president, Jeff Zucker , promised that Coupling would “push the envelope” and called its six cast members “the hottest sextet to hit American television in a decade. The BBC series is not so much risque as risky, in a way American network sitcoms are not: A sophisticated comedy of sexual manners, Coupling is Seinfeld remade as French farce. The show eyes the differences between men and women without falling into cliches and is as playfully funny with language and as smartly written as any comedy on television today.

The series, about the overlapping dating habits of six friends in their 30s — Steve sleeps with Susan, who slept with Patrick, who is dating Susan’s best friend, Sally — does not have much nudity or language that networks haven’t allowed before. Even its openness about sex and the single person has become common. Friends has been pushing the envelope all along. The risks in sex comedies are different now.

Another series shown on BBC America, Manchild, has even more sex and nudity than HBO ‘s Sex and the City, but the show’s riskiest feature is its characters’ ages: These friends are men hitting 50, with sex at the center of their midlife crises. Whether they are as smart as Coupling or as witless as HBO’s now dead Mind of the Married Man, all sex comedies succeed or fail on the same question: How well do they get us to sympathize with Big Babies?

Sex, after all, is the ultimate self-indulgence. The best shows, such as Coupling, are written with a grown-up wit that embraces the adolescent behavior that never quite vanishes from sexual relationships. Although Coupling is most frequently compared to Friends — the Coupling group meets in a bar that looks like the Friends coffee shop, and there are six of them — the wry observations of social rituals bring it closer to Seinfeld.

The series was created and every episode has been written by Steven Moffat, who produces the show with his wife, Sue Vertue, and his mother-in-law, Beryl Vertue.

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Please refresh the page and retry. T he BBC’s new drama about the international underworld has corrupt Russian families at its core. The characters in McMafia move in a world rife with prostitution, people trafficking and contract killings.

dating back to the mid-eighteenth century and not declining until the s, See, e.g. SZ 01/03/ ‘Greece/Germany: The Hour of Blitz Clichés’ (Kai Strittmatter). See BBC News 25/02/10 ‘Greece angers Germany in Gold Row’, http://.

It was named book of the week in The Independent , [1] and in The Daily Telegraph was described as the spiritual heir to fanzines and the gleeful radio shows of Danny Baker and Danny Kelly. Hurrey has appeared as a football pundit on The Totally Football Show. On the 31 October , it was announced that Football Cliches was nominated in the online media of the year category at the Football Supporters Federation Awards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

British journalist and author. The Independent. Archived from the original on 12 October Retrieved 7 December

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